Feedbacks von Patienten. Lesenswert!


Immer, wenn ich geschäftlich in Berlin bin, lasse ich mich von Christina Stuckert mit einer Zen Shiatsu Behandlung verwöhnen. Die Behandlung wirkt sehr nachhaltig und ich fühle mich danach lange ausgeglichen und leistungsstark. In diesem Jahr hatte ich auf dem Weg zu ihrer Praxis einen Unfall mit drohendem Schleudertrauma. Frau Stuckert richtete ihr ganzes Wissen und ihre Berührungskunst auf diese Situation und vermied so die zu erwartenden Einschränkungen. Ohne Beschwerden verliess ich die Praxis und konnte meine Aufträge in Berlin erfüllen. Vielen Dank!

Maria F., Fulda



Christina helped me to recover from a very difficult and painful time. In kindness and patience, she listened and worked on my body in a gentle care that far exceeds any other message practitioners, I have used. Her space offers safety and peace for the perfect mind space- allowing a meditational retreat. She is truly a master and worked her magic leading my body and mind to the road of recovery.            

In deep appreciation and gratitude -miChelle Vara -USA



Die beste Shiatsu-Massage in Berlin! Sanft und zugleich kraftvoll - entspannt den Körper und die Seele! In Momenten großen Stresses ist es eine Oase sich in Christinas Hände zu begeben. Aber auch bei körperlichen Beschwerden wunderbar!!!
 Wenn Shiatsu, dann hier!!!

Stefanie R., Pearl River



I have been coming to Christina for her holistic practice for the past 5 years each time that I travel to Berlin from New York.  She is, by far, one of the most intuitive and gifted practitioners that I have ever seen.  Her work on my body, both with shiatsu, meditation, and homeopathics, have literally changed my body and perspective -- she had a huge impact on my healing process last summer when I became quite ill and was hospitalized and I became very aware what an absolute treasure she is to one's healing (the doctor's were baffled by my quick recovery).  I would not hesitate for a minute to put my body, health and spirit into her hands.  I am forever grateful for her work and can never thank her enough for her gentle and beautiful strength.

J.M., Jackson Heights 



So Christina. I would like to let you know, that to meet you was just fantastic. It was a really good Healing Yoga practice and also the best Shiatsu Treatment I ever had in my life! Thank you for all. Bye Bye and take care.

Hoping to see you next year in Rio for teaching us your Shiatsu!

Valeria, Brasilien / Rio



I began seeing Christina Stuckert for Shiatsu treatments 3 years ago during a hectic schedule while teaching in Berlin.  I have a long history of working with a variety of health practitioners and am delighted to say that her care, professionalism and treatment is at an extremely high level.  Christina is a true healer.....I only wish that I could bottle her work and bring it back with me to New York! 

Jean Marie Casbarian / Faculty, Transart Institute, MFA Program



I would describe Christina's Shiatsu as totallly "out of the box ". She does not limit herself to the direction or position of a meridian or accupoint.
 Her energy from her own body is what sets her shiatsu apart . It's more of a " healing " experience than a A to Z practiced sequence as a lot of Shiatsu is.
I have seen once on the internet shiatsu being applied to accident victims or earthquake victims , I can imagine Christina 's work being used in trauma work very effectively.

The Capacity to "revive " I am sure lies within her power.

Harry P. | Cape Town Southafrica



"Ich bin 9 Jahre alt und habe Verspannungen. Ich packe meine Gefühle weg. Ich kann schlecht einschlafen und bin wütend auf meinen Freund. Ich will nicht mit ihm spielen, aber wenn er mich fragt (obwohl er mich immer wieder ärgert und drangsaliert), sage ich ja."

Während der Behandlung kam die Idee auf, die Gefühle anzuschauen und einen Kanal zu finden, um sie loszulassen: zu Boxen oder mit Aikido anzufangen und in der nächsten Woche mal "Nein" zu sagen. Mit Erfolg:)



Ich bin so sehr von dem Zen Movements/ Heilyoga- und Meditations Workshop beeindruckt und überrascht!! Es war meine erste Erfahrung damit. Sehr berührend und beglückend!

Das kann ich nur Jedem empfehlen.

Heike K. | Ravensburg



It ́s like a little holiday, that hour once a week. I am always looking so much forward. The touch goes deeply inside and I can feel that the energy is flowing more and more. And I really appreciate your mindfulness! Thanx!

Bettie H. | Berlin



Der Körper ist ein Instrument, auf dem Du zu Spielen weisst!

Katharina B. | Berlin



Christina Stuckert is a unique massage practitioner. One can go get a shiatsu from a Japanese bath house and it will be a different massage. This is because Christina's moves and emphasis are economical: she goes to the essential trigger points and meridians with her fingers and hands, without wasting time and effort on trying to wear down tight
muscles. The latter kind of massage can last two hours, but

Not yield the benefit that Christina's uniform one-hour sessions provide. 
I had six straight months of treatment once or twice a week in Christina's Berlin Studio in 2013, and found it to be crucial for healing of a sprained foot.

Without her regular attention, coupled with my bicycling instead of walking on hard artificial surfaces, I might not have healed the foot. If I still lived in Berlin I would be having her healing, energizing touch still.

All the best, Christina

Jan L. | California




Christina Stuckert has a great sense of humor!

J. L. | Greece



Back in England, we hasten to write to you and thank you most sincerely for having made it possible to get a Shiatsutreatment with you.
As you know we have our own health club at Chewton Glen where we occassionally manage to have treatments. But whenever we travel, we try to have massage in various part of the world and we both felt you was the very best therapist we ever had experienced. We had only come back from New Yorck and felt tired and not terribly relaxed, and we both came off the Shiatsu feeling totally reborn.
Thank you so much.
Whenever we come back to Berlin, we try to manage more treatments.

Brigitte S. | South England



It`s my favourite hour every week. Shiatsu, so good for my body and my soul.

Jaya S. | Berlin



Danke Dir nochmal für die Behandlung, sie war wahrhaft kathartisch - erstmal war ich voll entspannt, dann habe ich gestern einen Tag  Rotz und Wasser geheult und fühle mich jetzt heute sehr viel ausgeglichener.

E.B. | Berlin